Link: Small groups

Life change happens in circles, not rows.

The Edge is a community. Community is one of our core values, therefore it is something of up-most importance. One of the starting points for our community is in our small groups, which we call LINK. LINK Groups make church personal. Your LINK Groups is where the sense of church family and friendships take place.

We offer new sessions every few weeks. Our Fall sessions begin Wednesday, September 11th at 6:45pm. For the first session we will start with a dinner theme of "Breakfast for Dinner". Please bring a dish that is enough for your family. After dinner we will break into small groups in living room style settings on campus.

The Link Small Groups for Fall

The upcoming session of Link Small Groups we are launching a 10 week study called "Unshakable: standing with God, His church and my future." Beyond a program, seminar or life group, Unshakable is a catalyst for life-change that will deepen your connection with God, His church, and the future He has for you. Unshakable emboldens participants to live out their calling as radical followers of Jesus. Unshakable provokes questions, conversations, and beyond-what-is-comfortable group experiences. The Edge is an ideal church for this journey.

During this 10 week experience, we will engage in daily Bible study (5 days a week) that will help us to “tune in” to God daily through Bible reading, journaling and prayer. We read, study, and pray for 5 days alone with God and then meet with our group to talk honestly about what we’ve learned. In addition to the group sessions, there will be two additional experiences designed to deepen some of the areas we explore – Prayer Experience and Serve Experience.

You can find out more and sign up online at

What about the kids?
During the Link sessions, the preschool and elementary-aged EdgeKidz will be engaged in age-appropriate, interactive bible lessons and LOTS of fun! The kids will have dinner with their parents before Link sessions begin. 

Childcare is provided for nursery aged children.

Register electronically for Link Small Groups by clicking here.