Link: Small groups

Life change happens in circles, not rows.

The Edge is a community. Community is one of our core values, therefore it is something of up-most importance. One of the starting points for our community is in our small groups, which we call LINK. LINK Groups make church personal. Your LINK Groups is where the sense of church family and friendships take place.

We offer new sessions every few weeks. Our Fall sessions begin Wednesday, September 19th at 6:30pm. Each week, we have a themed covered dish dinner. The first session's theme will be "Breakfast for Dinner". Please bring a dish that is enough for your family. After dinner we will break into small groups in living room style settings on campus.

The Link Small Groups for Fall

The upcoming session of Link Small Groups offers some great choices. The studies and facilitators are as follows:

Community by Andy Stanley / Doug and Darla Lindgren
Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerich / Mike and Tina McKinney
Renovate by Andy Stanley / Kelly Roberson
Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels / Traci and Joe McClure (when possible) and Myron and Jennifer Parker
40 Days in the Word by Rick Warren / Brad Lewis
Balance by Andy Stanley / Allen Davis

Read detailed descriptions of each option and sign up online at

What about the kids?
During the Link sessions, the preschool and elementary-aged EdgeKidz will be engaged in age-appropriate, interactive bible lessons and LOTS of fun! The kids will have dinner with their parents before Link sessions begin. 

Childcare is provided for nursery aged children.

Register electronically for Link Small Groups by clicking here.