Revolution Student ministry

wonder, discovery & passion

We believe there are three things every young person should experience in student ministry (and in life) in order for them to have a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus. Those three things are WONDER, DISCOVERY, and PASSION. They ultimately affect everything we do. We are all going to give our hearts to something—good or bad—in order to experience those things. At REVOLUTION, we believe in helping students find wonder, discovery and passion in the context of their personal relationship with God.

Our Purpose: To create a safe environment for students to come and explore who they are, what they stand for and why, so that they can influence and change the world around them for Christ.
Our Plan: Make community a priority, develop leaders, interact with parents and mobilize students to be active in ministry.

Our Values:
Love—Loving God, loving yourself, and learning to love others.

Relationships—With God, your friends, your parents, and the world around you.
Accountability—To Christ and to each other.
Growth and change—Taking steps toward our purpose.

When and where:
Bring your middle and high school students and their friends every Wednesday evening @ 6:45 pm downstairs in the middle building on our campus. Yes, we feed them. We'll be waiting!