our team

The most valuable part of any organization is its people. The most valuable part of any winning team is the right people. At The Edge Community Church we are so thankful that we have the right people in the right places.

a little bit about us...

Take a few minutes to get to know us and we will be looking forward to getting to know you and serving you as best we can.

  • Brad Lewis

    lead pastor

    Brad feels it is a privilege and an honor to serve a local church as pastor. Although he is not able to fly faster than a speeding bullet or leap tall buildings in a single bound, he is pretty happy teaching the scriptures in a practical, relevant, and fun way that has encouraged many to go on to be super heroes for Christ. If you ever are in need of a second chance Brad’s your guy. He will walk on water (wearing his floaties), just to tell you about a loving God who is not mad at you. Brad is married to his Wonder Woman, Robin. He has four children Silas, Joshua, Caleb, and Leah, and four grandchildren Haisley, Ford, Jane Ryan, and Eli. On occasion you’ll see him don his cape on stage as he shreds his guitar. Yeah, our pastor literally rocks!


    DIRECTOR OF OUTREACH, art & Communications

    Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”. Braced with a paint brush and a canvas Robin takes you to places you can only imagine with her artistic abilities. Or you can load up with one of the many mission’s teams she sends out and see them for yourself. Your soles are sure to get dusty, but your soul will be refreshed and renewed.  Every now and then you’ll see a look on her face with a dewy mist in her eye as she watches someone have the “aha” moment of accepting God’s love … or we are playing flashlight tag and tagged her too long. We do that sometimes. She also goes by another name, we don’t use it, just the Lead Pastor. He calls her “darlin” or refers to her as his “Wonder Woman”.


  • Cindy Mcdonald

    Worship & Children's Pastor

    Cindy’s passion is lion taming which fits in well with her duties here at The Edge. It has brought out her ravenous desire to see people touched by the power of experiencing God’s presence. Also armed with an ability to remain calm in an environment of controlled chaos, she excels in bringing fun, laughter and Jesus to the people group of tiny humans.



  • JOHN jett


    John Jett is basically an alien of many trades. He is often confused about his age, plays many musical instruments, and has much difficulty equalizing his nature of excessive energy. He is dedicated to rocking out for God in a way that shows that loving Jesus can be out of this world!



  • Josh Hall

    Student Pastor

    If a Student Pastor had a super power to gain the trust of other students it would be Josh. By the time they realize he's a lot older than he looks, the power has already been unleashed. They love him! Why? Because of the sincerity of his heart. Reaching and leading students toward their best life possible is a part of his DNA. And don't let the clean cut look fool you either. In his spare time, he's usually behind a drum set, bass or keys laying down a sweet groove with The Edge band. Here's a challenge for you, see if you can walk away from him without a smile on your face … his is contagious.



  • SAMANTHe Moran

    Nursery & Preschool director

    If you were to pick the perfect person to care for your little ones several people come to mind. But here’s an interesting mashup that would prove to be one of the most beneficial for your child’s safety and welfare – Wonder Woman meets Mary Poppins.  A gentle sweet soul who would at any point break out the bullet proof handcuffs to defend anything from harming your child. And she has an invisible plane in the parking lot most Sundays and Wednesdays.  You can’t see it … it’s invisible.  Quantico has tried to hire her … we refused. We are forever thankful for the fierce love and dedication Samanthe brings to our little world changers.



  • David Ward

    business Administrator

    When Noah was building the Ark, in the middle of the desert, no one had ever seen rain. And they saw the structure for an enormous vessel being built big enough to house a city. Everyone thought he was crazy as he made sure every detail was carried out to the nth degree (that’s a lot of degrees). But Noah knew if he built it … they would come. Wait, no baseball field, just a large Ark. And they did. David has this crazy idea that if we provide a structure to our organization, leadership team and finances … they will come. If the devil is in the details, I am sure he wished he had never met David, the stickler and protector of our vessel.



  • Tallison JETT

    volunteer coordinator

    If you want to get anywhere by air in the southeast you more than likely passed through the Atlanta airport.  From there each person has been given a specific ticket to get them to their destination. Guess what! Tallison is the ever happy little ticket processor of The Edge. She will help you find your destination that is a perfect fit for you. Just keep this on the down low … she’s like the ever ready bunny and bounces around this place all the time.  People are like battery juice to her, so she’s going to be happy to see you and will help you find a place to serve before you know it. Don’t follow the Lion, that’s Edgeward the kid's mascot. She’s the bunny, well like a bunny she doesn’t look like one, just acts like one … wanted to clarify that.



  • Traci McClure

    Pastoral Care Coordinator

    Have you ever seen one those movies that has a professional wedding crasher in it? You know the one that has everyone doing the "Electric Slide" or "Riding the Train" around the dance floor while singing at the top of their lungs "We Are Family". That's Traci in a nutshell. She always has people around and never meets a stranger. As a matter of fact, it would make her heart-broken if you felt that way. She has the unique ability to completely accept and love whoever is in her path with open arms. And don't worry about the big scary biker dude that follows her around sometimes, that's her husband. He's kindest teddy bear you'll ever meet and loves people about as much as she does. We think that's why they make such a great team and kinda want to keep them around.



  • Haley Ozier

    CCE Director- Creative, Communications, Events

    Imagine a life size camera that has a charming smile, dry wit and planner in hand as if ready for battle. You've just met Haley! Well she actually isn't a camera, just carries one. Through her "special lens", she freakishly sees the best in people and brings out their inner brilliance. Because of her creative outlook on life, she helps make things look and feel better around here. From media to worship, (did we mention the girl can sing), she's an atmosphere changer. If she weren't oddly talented enough ... she's an artist too. So just like she takes a lump of clay and creates anything you can think of, she is the chief molder and communicator of most of the events we host. If you see her walking around with a tall handsome dude with a permanent grin on his face, that's Walker her husband. That's his name, not just because he's walking ... but you get it.



  • jay wagner

    facilities manager

    According to Boeing, a 747 is made up of 6 million parts, half of which are fasteners of some sort. So for every part there is another part holding it together. We have absolutely no idea how many parts or fasteners it took or continues to take to hold The Edge facilities together … but we’re pretty sure Jay has tighten or replaced them all. Once when building the new Revolution room, we saw him create an entire stage out of a roll of duck-tape and a paint stirrer … just what we were thinking, he’s better than MacGyver. And he does it with a little smirk and a giggle that will get you every time.