Invite a friend

In our world people are more connected than any previous generation, yet more lonely than ever before. Social media may allow us to keep up with other people, but invitations to join actual physical communities or relational circles are the only way for people to truly connect with others. How can people be added to a local church unless they experience fellowship and community with that church? And how can they experience fellowship and community unless someone invites them? If your unchurched friends and family are ready for an invitation to come to church, what are you waiting on?

The experience of true gospel community, true fellowship, is a powerful thing. Remember, simply inviting people to church can be an important crossroad in their journey to a better life through Christ.


FROM YOUR COMPUTER: Just RIGHT CLICK on the graphic to download it and save it to your computer. Then paste or attach it into email or private message.

FROM YOUR PHONE OR TABLET: Tap and hold, then select SAVE IMAGE (not Copy). The graphic will be saved to your photo library. Go to your photo library, select it, then forward it to friend by text or private message.