Link: Small groups

Life change happens in circles, not rows.

The Edge is a community. Community is one of our core values, therefore it is something of up-most importance. One of the starting points for our community is in our small groups, which we call LINK. LINK Groups make church personal. Your LINK Groups is where the sense of church family and friendships take place.

We offer new sessions every few weeks. Our next sessions begin Wednesday, Sept 16th at 6:30pm

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The Link Small Groups for Fall 2020

Here is the preliminary information about the upcoming sessions of Link Small Groups. We will be offering the following studies:

Unshakable: standing firm with God, His church and my future. Unshakable will help you become, UNSHAKABLE, in your faith. Through Bible study, scripture memorization, small group discussion, and accountability you will not only learn scriptural principles that will help you in your walk with Christ, you will be able to put them into practice. Facilitator Brad Lewis. Ten to eleven sessions on Wednesday at The Edge. Cost of $11 for study book. First class on 9/16.

Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey. Nine sessions on Wednesday at The Edge. Teaches you how to win with money according to Biblical principles. Join over 5 million people who've learned how to: Get out of debt. Build wealth and live in freedom. This is a Flex class where you watch the videos online at home and then we gather to discuss as a small group. Cost $129.99 per couple payable directly to Ramsey Solutions for online access to Dave Ramsey materials. Facilitated by David Ward. Orientation/interest session on 9/16. Purchase and start first session on 9/23. 

First Place 4 Health. A Biblically based program that will help you learn the principles of diet, exercise, portion control, and how to make better choices. Daily Bible study, scripture memorization, and person accountability will help you set and achieve your health goals. Facilitators Susan Millwood and Betty Keller. $10 cost for book. First class on 9/16.

Four Views of the End Times  Are we living in the last days? What does the Bible say about the rapture? Did Jesus say there are signs to look for? Gain insight into these and many more questions in this exciting study. Facilitator Heather Wagner. First class on 9/16..

Girlfriends Virtual Happy Hour: All of the ladies are invited to an online gathering we call "Happy Hour", each Thursday, at 7:30pm, using the ZOOM app. We have been enjoying this for several weeks on Wednesday but it will be Thursday going forward. Ladies can jump in at any time. Register and the Zoom info will be sent to you before each Thursday's virtual gathering. No cost involved.

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What about the kids?
During the Link sessions that happen on Wednesday evenings, the preschool and elementary-aged EdgeKidz will be engaged in age-appropriate, interactive bible lessons and LOTS of fun!

Childcare is provided for nursery aged children.